03.bis 06. Mai 2018

La Boda - The Tango Wedding - TangoHochzeit



Accompanying our wedding, we, Heidrun Fammler & Reinis Priednieks, would like to invite you to our wedding festivalito “La Boda” in Hamburg, 3-6 May 2018 –
at the Tango Chocolate and in cooperation with Marcelo Soria & Verónica Villarroel;
with Silencio Orquesta and a show (and workshops!) by Diana del Valle & Juan Camerlingo;
4 evening and 2 day milongas with DJ Marcelo Soria, DJ Bärbel Rücker, DJ Carlos Goiach, DJ Evaldas Drasutis.

Dear Tangueras and Tangueros,

we are happy to announce that the location for the Milonga Grande on 5 May 2018 is booked: “Die BURG – Theater am Biedermanplatz” – a former church that nowadays is a theatre, a spectacular location for a tango wedding. http://www.die-burg-barmbek.de/

Furthermore, we would like to announce that you can get 20% reduction for Hotel BeeFang (http://www.beefang.de/) on all their current prices for different sized rooms – please check their website and book yourself by indicating that you are guest of “Tango Chocolate Festival”.

Less than four months until the great event, see you soon, 

La Boda – The Tango Wedding

Hamburg 3-6 May 2018


3 May 2018

20:00 – 24:00    Warming-up Milonga at Tango Chocolate, Kirchenallee 25, 20099 Hamburg (Center)

4 May 2018

14:00 – …            The wedding and concert at Tango Chocolate (invited guests only)

21:00 – ….           Milonga at La Yumba, Kastanienallee 9, 20359 Hamburg (St. Pauli)

DJ Bärbel Rücker (Germany/UK)

5 May 2018

11.30 – 14.45    Workshops with Diana del Valle & Juan Camerlingo at Tango Chocolate

15:00 – 19:00    Day Milonga at Tango Chocolate

21:00 –   3:00     Milonga Grande at Die BURG – Volkmannstrasse 6, 22083 Hamburg

Live: Silencio (Quintetto)

Show:  Diana del Valle & Juan Camerlingo

DJ: Don Carlos Goiach (Argentina/DE)

6 May 2018

13.00 – 16.15    Workshops with Diana del Valle & Juan Camerlingo at Tango Chocolate

16:30 – 23:00    Chillout Milonga (with cake) at Tango Chocolate

DJ: Evaldas Drasutis (Lithuania)


Workshops: 1st WS 25€, 2nd WS 22€, 3rd and 4th WS 20€

Milonga on Thursday 7€

Milonga on Friday 7€ (La Yumba)

Day Milonga on Saturday 5€

Gala Milonga on Saturday 20€ (advance payment) 25€ (at the entry)

Sunday Milonga 8€

Milonga Pass (excluding La Yumba) 30€ (advance payment)